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Drake - Evil Ways (Audio) ft. J. Cole
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Hoodzy - Evil (Official Video)


Hoodzy – Evil (Official Video)

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“This track portrays one of the many toxic relationships I’ve had with females in my time. It’s exhilarating & exhausting at the same time. This song holds a fun and poppy sound yet the lyrics are the exact opposite. I wanted to keep this one playful and light on the ears but still have a deeper meaning. Two conflicting emotions mashed up into one.” - Hoodzy

With roots laying deep in New Zealand to reaching her birth place of the west coast of Australia, Hoodzy flows through like the sea breeze between the two countries. The 21yo MC boasts the skills and passion of a veteran with the young girls steez energy. Throughout 2021, Hoodzy spent most of her time growing as a person and growing as an artist. While the world experienced some of the strangest times, Hoodzy chose to absorb that strangeness and channel it through words, melodies and rhythms; preparing to unleash it all in the year we find ourselves now. The times are real, but yet so has been the evolution of Hoodzy.

Connect with Hoodzy:
Pre hook 
I met this sweetie at the EzyMart,
She told me she worked at the valet parks
And she took my keys to my brand new car 
And told me that she wouldn’t go too far 

She’s evil, don’t let her get away 
She’s evil, but I can’t stay away

Verse one
Oh mystery girl, didn’t get your name 
I want to know all the games you play 
I’ve never seen you around and that’s new for me 
You must not be from around this place 
Do I want you or do I want to break your heart?
Got her in the back seat that’s my favourite spot
My secret lover, we can’t be apart
She got me hooked up, she’s a work of art.
She my baby, she don’t know me think I’m crazy
My secret lover, baby butter, that’s my lady
I fell in love with a girl
(she was just a stranger)
I know she’s evil baby
(I could never tame her)

Pre hook 

Verse two
Fill me up with your lies 
Broke my heart and left me dry 
She’s my mysterious girl, she moves in silence 
I swear she hates me, I swear I like it 
I’m not obsessed, I just can’t get enough of her 
My mysterious girl 

Pre hook  

#Hoodzy #Evil #ForeverEver

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Drake - Evil Ways (Audio) ft. J. Cole
30 Nov 2023
Drake - Evil Ways (Audio) ft. J. Cole
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